Contract Dashboard

3505526 Mess Reinvigoration - Carpet Repalcement $19,390.80Department of Defence 2018-05-03 GARY'S CARPET LAYING SERVICES
3505527 Storage solution for AMB $16,223.90Department of Defence 2018-04-30 PALLET RACKING DIRECT
3505501 Diesel Fuel $36,184.10Department of Defence 2018-05-08 BULK FUEL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3505529 Grant Program administration $175,339.52Department of Defence 2018-04-04 DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY
3505534 other reason $14,250.00Department of Defence 2018-05-05 KABUL KUWAIT JEWELLERY
3505537 Cyber Training Range $88,776.48Department of Defence 2018-05-03 ELBIT SYSTEMS OF AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3432579-A1 Software & Infrastructure for Hosting Application $428,719.42Department of Defence 2017-06-01 GULANGA GROUP PTY LTD
3505548 Concept Demonstrator $320,783.45Department of Defence 2018-04-12 HDT EXPEDITIONARY SYSTEMS, INC.
3505549 Targets for training $64,490.25Department of Defence 2018-04-27 CEILING DISTRIBUTORS PTY. LTD.
3505550 ADF Cyber Training $10,059.37Department of Defence 2018-02-19 DBA SANS INSTITUTE