Contract Dashboard

3545498 Software $30,000.00Fair Work Commission 2018-10-09 MCGIRR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY
3544245 Process and model the historic geophysical data $23,760.00Geoscience Australia 2018-03-23 MONTANA DRAFTING and DESIGN PTY LTD
3544249 Petrosys Annual Software Maintenance $54,250.00Geoscience Australia 2018-11-30 Petrosys Pty Ltd
3544239 Sit to stand bases $18,017.50Geoscience Australia 2018-09-11 UCI Projects Pty Ltd
3544243 Power supplies to be installed in meeting rooms $14,994.65Geoscience Australia 2018-09-04 Elsafe Australia Pty Ltd
3544244 Works for the building refresh $20,811.33Geoscience Australia 2018-09-28 AMNESIUM PTY LTD
3544246 AGCC 2018 $51,252.14Geoscience Australia 2018-09-27 Adelaide Expo Hire Pty Ltd
3544247 ICSM annual subscription for 2018-19 financial year $10,582.00Geoscience Australia 2018-07-01 Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping T/A Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM)
3544250 Assembly of DC Distribution Cabinets $13,000.00Geoscience Australia 2018-09-21 HOPE, ANDREW SCOTFORD
3544241 Luna Rock Display $10,527.00Geoscience Australia 2018-09-10 Designcase Pty Ltd