Contract Dashboard

3521522 Maintenance, licence and technical support for customer relationship management software. $504,974.00National Museum of Australia 2017-06-29 thankQ Solutions Pty Ltd
3523829 Solution management services for OAIC's Records Manager (TRIM) database. $22,000.00Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 2018-07-04 ENTCO AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3523893 Services to be provided to assist the OAIC to pilot and deliver it's new Privacy Officer training. $18,700.00Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 2018-03-31 Salinger Consulting Pty Ltd
3516886 Emergency Lighting Replacements $12,904.72Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General 2018-06-08 Integrated Technical Management
3521282 Accounting Services $60,000.00Old Parliament House 2018-07-09 Sarah Lindsay
3520351 External Auditing Services $71,500.00Old Parliament House 2018-07-02 Australian National Audit Office
3468640-A1 Waste Removal services $52,550.00Old Parliament House 2017-10-01 SITA Australia Pty Ltd
3521637 2018-19 Workers Compensation Premium $19,123.30Parliamentary Budget Office 2018-07-01 Comcare
3521639 2018-19 Comcover Premium $14,057.76Parliamentary Budget Office 2018-07-01 Comcover
3524514 Legal advice $10,000.00Safe Work Australia 2018-06-14 Australian Government Solicitor