Contract Dashboard

3517897 High-Need, Cost Patients: Regional Perspective $139,000.40Department of Health 2018-06-25 Melbourne East General Practice Net
3517899 Access provision to quality assessment $125,000.00Department of Health 2018-06-22 Australian Digital Health Agency
3517900 Australian Sport Anti-Doping Authority Lease $336,600.00Department of Health 2018-07-01 PBS PROJECT PTY LIMITED
3517491 Evaluation Research for the Healthy Ageing Long Live You Campaign $86,350.00Department of Health 2018-06-08 Whereto Research Based Consulting
3517904 Contract for review of Health Star Rating report $12,995.40Department of Health 2018-06-22 Deloitte Consulting Pty Ltd
3394067-A1 National Diabetes services scheme Product Supply by Healthy Living Northern Territory 2016-17 $324,267.13Department of Health 2016-12-01 Healthly Living NT
3484086-A1 Labour Hire $154,285.79Department of Health 2018-02-07 ON Q RECRUITMENT PTY LTD
3489303-A1 Labour Hire $154,285.80Department of Health 2018-03-05 ON Q RECRUITMENT PTY LTD
3518412 Provision of probity advice to support the Community Service Obiligation ATM process $79,200.00Department of Health 2018-06-26 PROTIVITI PTY LIMITED
3518416 Consumer education for HIV Pre-exposure prophylaxis $635,250.00Department of Health 2018-07-02 AUSTRALIAN FEDERATION OF AIDSORGANI