Contract Dashboard

3488788 Aerospace Systems & Components & Equipment $15,186.81Department of Defence 2017-06-20 LEONARDO SPA AIRCRAFT DIVISION
3488789 Night Vision Thermal Imager Spare Parts $35,994.31Department of Defence 2018-03-02 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3488790 Spares for Supportability Assurance of Diesel Generators $91,810.32Department of Defence 2018-02-12 THALES AUSTRALIA
3488791 Weapon Spares $22,801.61Department of Defence 2018-02-27 FN HERSTAL
3488792 Threat Simulator System $45,062.97Department of Defence 2018-03-05 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
3488793 Aircraft Spares $70,455.39Department of Defence 2018-01-30 LEONARDO SPA AIRCRAFT DIVISION
3488794 Purchase of Propulsions Break Down Spares $39,526.70Department of Defence 2018-02-22 STANDARD AERO AUSTRALIA
3488795 Repair of aircraft equipment $12,435.52Department of Defence 2016-08-22 ELTA SYSTEMS LTD
3488796 Submarine and Shipbuilding Advisory Support $708,182.19Department of Defence 2016-08-30 KIRKLAND H DONALD
3488797 Submarine and Shipbuilding advisory in support $324,382.36Department of Defence 2016-08-30 NOVA SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD