Contract Dashboard

3478555 IT Specialist Services $457,600.00Department of Human Services 2018-01-01 Talent International (ACT) Pty Ltd
3478556 IT Specialist Services $423,280.00Department of Human Services 2018-01-01 PAXUS Australia Pty Ltd
3478017 SOFTWARE SUPPORT & MAINTENANCE K2 $22,190.25Department of Home Affairs 2017-12-28 DATA#3 LIMITED.
3478018 ICT Contractors Services Panel $176,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-01-01 ENCORE IT SERVICES PTY LTD
3478020 ICT contractor Services $165,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2017-12-23 BRIDGE IT ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3478021 Recruitment NCBLAC Chair - Advertising Costs $11,776.27Department of Home Affairs 2017-10-25 DENTSU MITCHELL MEDIA AUST
3478024 Contractor - writer - ADGSM $104,280.00Department of Home Affairs 2017-12-11 EFFECTIVE PEOPLE PTY LTD
3478025 CCTV upgrades to closed Circuit TV - various Airpt $3,212,832.42Department of Home Affairs 2017-12-18 BEMAC SECURITY P/L
3478027 Advertising Services $3,298,746.57Department of Home Affairs 2018-02-01 DENTSU MITCHELL MEDIA AUSTRALIA P/L
3478029 Provision of administration duties staff $65,884.50Department of Home Affairs 2018-01-01 HAYS SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT