Contract Dashboard

3316696-A2 Provision of legal services $33,400.00Australian Federal Police 2016-01-19 Rena Burton
3540040-A1 Provision of database services $45,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-08-01 SITE Intelligence Group IG LLC
3447500-A1 Supply of biology consumables $165,044.29Australian Federal Police 2017-08-01 Qiagen Pty Ltd
3541299 Modern Regulatory Strategy Tailored Workshop $40,000.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-12-03 Professor Malcolm K. Sparrow
3515708-A1 Gigamon Taps $63,900.32Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-06-11 Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd
3541009 Project: Addressing the needs of Identity theft victims: A Multidimensional view" $51,566.46Australian Institute of Criminology 2018-08-29 University of the Sunshine Coast
3541420 Insurance $15,382.30Australian Institute of Criminology 2018-07-01 Comcover
3390150-A1 2018 Australian Institute of Family Studies Conference Venue Hire $230,000.00Australian Institute of Family Studies 2016-11-02 Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre
3541102 Member of Engagement and Impact Assessment 2018 $15,360.00Australian Research Council 2018-08-23 Griffith University
3538336-A1 Legal services $128,400.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-08-21 BALAZS LAZANAS & WELCH LLP