Contract Dashboard

3538111 Weapon Spare $89,035.10Department of Defence 2018-08-22 THALES AUSTRALIA - LITHGOW
3538112 Shipping container $439,011.92Department of Defence 2018-08-23 TRIMCAST PRODUCTS PTY LTD
3538113 Repair of military vehicles or components. $14,719.76Department of Defence 2018-08-22 NTP PTY LTD
3538114 Anti flattening tube $490,050.00Department of Defence 2018-08-24 MARATHON TYRES PTY LTD
3538115 Vehicle spare parts $171,498.04Department of Defence 2018-08-22 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3538086 Lubricating oil $28,072.55Department of Defence 2018-08-22 A.S. HARRISON AND CO PTY LIMIT
3538087 Lubricating oil $11,788.79Department of Defence 2018-08-21 BP OIL
3538093 Combat Boots $3,469,888.19Department of Defence 2018-08-23 REDBACK BOOT COMPANY PTY LTD
3538094 Belts Trousers $93,108.07Department of Defence 2018-08-22 AUSTRALIAN DEFENCE APPAREL PTY L
3538095 Form $110,000.00Department of Defence 2018-08-22 SNOWROCK INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD