Contract Dashboard

3569663 OptiTrack Prime System $52,389.95Department of Defence 2019-02-01 FREEDSPACE
3569664 Radio Modems $14,234.00Department of Defence 2019-01-11 CONTROL SYNERGY PTY LTD
3569667 Training Course Fees $48,286.00Department of Defence 2019-01-10 AUSTRALIAN AND NEW ZEALAND SCHOOL OF GOVERNMENT
3569670 Fibrecell materials $19,538.52Department of Defence 2018-11-13 FIBERCELL SYSTEMS INC.
3569672 ict equiopment $12,621.75Department of Defence 2019-01-01 TELSTRA ENTERPRISE & GOVT DEFENCE & SECURE
3569673 Provision of Telecommunication Services $3,184,416.00Department of Defence 2014-07-27 DEPT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS & TRADE
3569683 Innovation resource $28,351.22Department of Defence 2018-12-10 ACCENTURE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3569685 Cyber Security Training $10,044.62Department of Defence 2019-02-01 DBA SANS INSTITUTE ADVANCED!TECHNOLOGIES, INC., THE!DB
3569653 Consumables to support research programs $44,027.03Department of Defence 2019-01-23 LASTEK PTY LTD
3569654 Sponsorship and prize money for Eureka $45,750.00Department of Defence 2019-01-09 AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM