Contract Dashboard

3366888-A3 Building Services $535,696.89Clean Energy Regulator 2016-07-01 Icon Retail Investments Limited and AGL ACT Retail Investmen
3367861-A11 Information Technology Services $7,809,560.00Department of Human Services 2016-07-12 Aurec Pty Ltd
3367908-A7 Information Technology Services $4,888,708.00Department of Human Services 2016-07-01 Fujitsu Australia Limited
3376497-A2 Provision of Building Construction and Support and Maintenance and Repair Services $1,600,000.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2016-09-09 JESMOND SARL
3375831-A6 Missile Fly-out Modelling $670,285.01Department of Defence 2016-08-31 CONSILIUM TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3368535-A19 Maintenance and Support $2,261,910.00Clean Energy Regulator 2016-07-08 SRA Information Technology
3469068-A2 Provision of IT Contractor Services. $664,114.00Australian Taxation Office 2017-11-20 CLARIUS GROUP LTD T/A IGNITE
3377108-A2 Provision of electricity supply to the East Burwood office $169,328.42National Archives of Australia 2016-09-15 Momentum Energy Pty Ltd
3380750-A2 IT Specialist Services $1,166,880.00Department of Human Services 2017-01-01 PAXUS Australia Pty Ltd
3384171-A2 Software Licenses $40,400.00Clean Energy Regulator 2016-10-25 NServiceBus Ltd.