Contract Dashboard

3590576 BDM Registry Information $207,221.00Department of Home Affairs 2019-02-09 ACCESS CANBERRA TERRITORIAL
3589379-A1 Lease of Draper Street Cairns QLD $153,662.34Department of Home Affairs 2010-08-16 Cygnature Investments Pty Ltd
3589872-A1 OFFICE LEASE AT LINDSAY STREET DARWIN $880,110.00Department of Home Affairs 1996-09-01 REDCO INVESTMENTS PTY LTD
3589636 Training Services $22,569.00Department of Human Services 2019-04-30 Strategy Core Pty Ltd
2121091-A7 Hardware $45,020,849.29Department of Defence 2014-03-12 FUJITSU AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3552089-A2 Total Aircraft engineering and Logistical support $17,914,189.61Department of Defence 2018-11-01 JACOBS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3560665-A1 Enterprise Support Services Agreement. $386,692.82Department of Defence 2018-12-13 DOWNER DEFENCE SERVICES PTY LTD
3584592-A1 Provision of Vehicle Fleet Management and Leasing Services $734,150.57Department of Defence 2019-04-12 SGFLEET
3592715 Recruitment and Related Services $40,000.00Department of Finance 2019-04-29 Randstad Limited
3570372-A1 Defence Support Services $218,895.03Department of Defence 2019-02-01 JACOBS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD