Contract Dashboard

3509175-A1 Contractors $102,000.00Department of Social Services 2018-05-31 Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Ptd Ltd
3528266-A1 Property Management Fees and Monthly Facilities Management Fees $263,659.30Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2018-05-01 Broadspectrum Property Pty Ltd
3535522 Promotion of ACIAR television cooking series $110,000.00Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2018-08-22 Gray Matter Marketing & Technologies Pty Ltd
3534554 Temporary Employment Services $118,107.99Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2018-08-02 McArthur (QLD) Pty Ltd
3520536-A1 Strategic Advice and Review Services $227,604.05Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2018-05-24 SYNERGY
3536391 VAT Consumption Tax and Duties relating to freight costs $10,035.71Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-08-24 Total Freight Solutions
3534857 training services $48,103.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2018-08-15 Pitt Group Pty Ltd
3534860 Report analysing concentration in Australian industry $154,550.00Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2018-06-06 Deloitte Access Economics pty ltd
3536765 ESRI Enterprise Licence for ESRI GIS Software over 3 years $440,000.00Murray-Darling Basin Authority 2018-07-31 ESRI Australia Pty Ltd
3535259 Assist DPSR with review of cases under s90 HIA 1973 $10,000.00Professional Services Review 2018-08-20 Dr Stanley Innes