Contract Dashboard

3620986 End User Device required for Combat Control Digital Integration Suite of equipment $221,578.00Department of Defence 2018-12-05 PAR GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS CORPORATION
3621511 Military Equipment Repairs $11,292.86Department of Defence 2019-08-06 THALES AUSTRALIA
3621495 Aeronautical Life Support Equipment $20,005.44Department of Defence 2019-01-18 AERO PARTS AUSTRALIA
3620982 Broadband Global Area Network device $18,212.70Department of Defence 2019-03-18 ELECTROTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3621117 Tender Evaluation Support Team $415,099.30Department of Defence 2019-08-26 SANDO AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3621548 Push button and Memory switch assembly $17,093.12Department of Defence 2019-08-09 SURVITEC GROUP AUSTRALIA
3621502 The purchase of military spares $21,683.20Department of Defence 2019-08-07 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3621138 Purchased in Support of the Quality of Life upgrade to HS Class $155,847.98Department of Defence 2019-08-19 INMARSAT AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3620971 Repair of P3 Orion Aircraft Jacks $16,102.47Department of Defence 2019-01-21 FORDHAM ENGINEERING
3621597 Repairs to Merlo main lift boom leaking. $12,967.11Department of Defence 2019-08-09 J AND S LABOUR AND MACHINERY HIR