Contract Dashboard

3524168-A1 Contractors $118,504.00Department of Social Services 2018-07-18 Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia)
3559556 ICT contractors $158,510.00Department of Social Services 2019-03-01 Capgemini Australia Pty Limited
3553934-A1 Creative design and editorial services $37,290.00Department of Social Services 2018-11-23 2M Communications Pty Ltd
3560581 Project management $72,187.50Department of Social Services 2018-12-18 Strategic Reform Pty Ltd
3557844 Contractors $43,777.80Department of Social Services 2019-01-01 Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Ptd Ltd
1950372-A20 ICT Services $3,567,065.22Department of Social Services 2013-12-20 Excelerated Consulting Pty Ltd
3561618 Contractors $114,892.00Department of Social Services 2019-01-02 face2face Recruitment Pty Ltd
3560843 Engage contractor $79,714.80Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-12-17 EFFECTIVE PEOPLE PTY LTD
3560845 Workforce Planning Support $26,056.14Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-11-15 Ernst & Young
3560846 ICT CONTRACTOR SERVICES $175,991.20Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-11-29 AUREC PTY LTD