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3511703 Venue hire & catering for ATO SPR IE Forum $15,075.01Australian Taxation Office 2018-06-06 ICC SYDNEY PTY LTD
3511704 Remedial Advisory Services $51,533.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-05-28 ADRIAN VARRASSO
3511705 Commissioners Remedial Power Panel $51,533.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-05-30 DMAW LAWYERS PTY LTD
3511707 Leading for Strategic Success $11,700.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-06-25 MELBOURNE BUSINESS SCHOOL LTD
3511708 Government Service Design $31,274.89Australian Taxation Office 2018-07-31 IQPC
3511710 Legal Services $11,700.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-06-04 LIST G BARRISTERS
3511712 ITX Leadership masterclass $13,000.00Australian Taxation Office 2018-05-21 PEOPLE MEASURES PTY LTD
3431152-A1 DNA Analysis for the Port Surveillance project. $482,761.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2017-06-19 Department of Primary Industries and Regions
3511067 Testing of plankton samples for White Spot Syndrome Virus from the ports of Brisbane and Hobart. $43,947.20Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2018-05-18 Commonwealth Cientific and Industrial Research Organisation
3436219-A1 Production of video and amnimated infographic material to showcase the story of biosecurity. $297,000.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2017-06-23 Mememe Productions Pty Ltd