Contract Dashboard

3505569 Rations $19,563.49Department of Defence 2018-04-17 DICK STONE PTY. LIMITED
3505620 Ground Fuel $12,225.00Department of Defence 2018-05-14 CALTEX AUSTRALIA PETROLEUM P / L
3505478 Prov of Elect to Sites in ACT FY17/18 $24,782.00Department of Defence 2018-04-01 JLL
1972171-A7 FMS Case $28,636,064.99Department of Defence 2013-12-10 FMS ACCOUNT
3506179 Electrical installation $554,587.94Department of Defence 2018-05-10 BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA LTD
3506281 Navigation Display System Contract $28,275.92Department of Defence 2018-04-19 L-3 OCEANIA
3506298 Repair of Tactical Ascender $76,041.53Department of Defence 2018-05-16 ACT SAFE SYSTEMS AB
3506322 Fleet Jacks $216,709.93Department of Defence 2018-05-21 AQUA TERRA OIL AND MINERAL SERVICE
3506468 Military Equipment Repairs $71,634.18Department of Defence 2018-05-04 THALES AUSTRALIA
3506476 Military Equipment Repairs $146,007.16Department of Defence 2018-05-03 THALES AUSTRALIA