Contract Dashboard

3559054 Gym Consumables, fitness equipment $32,958.75Department of Defence 2018-11-16 RAZORBACK SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3559056 Undertake Power Maintenance $40,000.00Department of Defence 2018-12-13 ISLAND POWER CO PTY LTD
3559063 Portrait Pass Holders $25,300.00Department of Defence 2018-11-21 CARDSERV
3559066 NT Wide Grease Arrestors $476,042.60Department of Defence 2018-11-20 PATTEMORE CONSULTANTS
3559090 Computer Equipment $36,234.00Department of Defence 2018-11-19 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3559094 Joint Health Command Garrison Facilities Upgrade Project $15,757,609.38Department of Defence 2018-11-09 COLIN JOSS & CO PTY LTD
3559096 Hazardous Area Compliance works HMAS Cerberus $153,181.60Department of Defence 2018-11-22 PARAKEELYA PTY LTD
3559098 Office space arrangements $130,995.33Department of Defence 2018-11-16 PRAECO PTY LIMITED
3559102 IO342-1.45M-2FMC-Performance $67,980.00Department of Defence 2018-11-19 DEDICATED SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3559103 Industry Experience Placement $12,136.08Department of Defence 2018-11-26 THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE