Contract Dashboard

3528182 Maintenance and repair of typhoon systems $44,538.92Department of Defence 2018-05-01 SERCO DEFENCE
3528183 Medical equipment planned maintenance $13,466.90Department of Defence 2018-07-26 SERCO AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3528184 Spare parts for HP air drier unit. $14,367.76Department of Defence 2018-06-27 PARKER HANNIFIN AUSTRALIA
3528185 Replacement generators $124,591.50Department of Defence 2018-07-24 NOAKES GROUP PTY LIMITED
3528186 Support maritime system $23,100.00Department of Defence 2018-07-25 SIEMENS LTD
3528187 Maintenance Support $155,306.18Department of Defence 2018-07-16 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC LIMITED (GOVERNMENTAL HELICOPTERS)
3528188 Manufacture of specialized AP crates $21,401.36Department of Defence 2018-07-25 SIKORSKY HELITECH
3528189 KC-30A Simulator Upgrade Program $13,034,412.60Department of Defence 2018-07-02 CAE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3528190 Radio Bearers for Tindal ILS $55,396.87Department of Defence 2018-07-16 INDRA AUSTRALIA PTY LIMITED
3528191 Airfreight Shipping $63,707.60Department of Defence 2018-07-24 RAYTHEON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD