Contract Dashboard

3496525 Radio ancillaries $37,842.29Department of Defence 2018-03-22 HARRIS COMMUNICATIONS (AUSTRALIA)
3496526 CTAS Entitlement $18,960.00Department of Defence 2017-12-04 AVIATION AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3496527 sports facilities hire $21,110.50Department of Defence 2018-02-15 OFFICE OF SPORT
3496532 Contractor support to JNT9111-1 $39,915.69Department of Defence 2018-02-21 AGIS GROUP PTY LTD
3496534 Simulator upgrade $325,055.00Department of Defence 2018-03-19 DMOJSF OFFICIAL AUSTRALIAN ACCOUNT
3496535 Strat Planning Consultancy $15,400.00Department of Defence 2018-03-08 THE DECISIVE POINT
3496536 Military Training $55,160.16Department of Defence 2018-02-27 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE-DEFENCE
3496537 IT Support $10,252.56Department of Defence 2018-01-04 MELBOURNE IT ENTERPRISE SERVICES
3496544 Provision of Administrative Services $33,629.99Department of Defence 2018-04-05 KARLKA RECRUITING GROUP PTY LTD
3496551 Electronic Key Locker & Software $30,965.00Department of Defence 2017-09-15 SECURE EDGE TECHNOLOGY