Contract Dashboard

3477638 Truck Repair $15,053.65Department of Defence 2017-12-12 GRAEME MCLEOD MECHANICAL P/L
3477639 Forklift Repair $18,783.48Department of Defence 2017-12-11 DC SERVICES (NQ) PTY LTD
3477640 Trailer Repair $13,253.69Department of Defence 2017-12-11 TRAILER SALES (NQ) PTY LTD
3477641 repair pmv 203463 wo 96992 $50,035.95Department of Defence 2017-09-11 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3477642 Repair of Radar Component $19,800.00Department of Defence 2017-12-21 BELLINGER INSTRUMENTS PTY LTD
3477643 Surveillance and Detection Equipment $11,000.00Department of Defence 2017-12-21 BELLINGER INSTRUMENTS PTY LTD
3477644 Repair of Aircraft Equipment. $13,280.61Department of Defence 2017-11-16 BOEING AUSTRALIA COMPONENT
3477645 Power Inverter Repairs $21,061.52Department of Defence 2017-11-13 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE
3478915 HPE RAM for server hardware upgrade $51,459.41Department of Defence 2017-12-18 HEWLETT PACKARD AUSTRALIA LTD
3478917 Technical Support Services $65,230.00Department of Defence 2017-12-18 TERADATA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD