Contract Dashboard

3541244 Works and testing as a component of RTG synthesiser update. $84,767.10Department of Defence 2018-09-04 MELLORI SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3541248 Satelite Services.. $1,292,091.26Department of Defence 2014-10-30 BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA LTD
3499433-A2 Satellite communication capability support $31,227,433.62Department of Defence 2017-11-24 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
3470787-A1 Collection of Waste Bins $242,000.00Department of Defence 2017-11-13 SELL & PARKER SECURE DESTRUCTION PTY LTD
3527368-A3 Soldier Combat Ensemble - Protection Elements $136,769.96Department of Defence 2018-07-19 CRAIG INTERNATIONAL BALLISTICS PTY LTD
3518828-A1 Light weapons and ammunition $14,345,801.55Department of Defence 2008-11-21 CHEMRING AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3305615-A5 Effective Contract Management Workshops $840,565.88Department of Defence 2015-11-02 DLA PIPER AUSTRALIA J APOSTOLOPOULOS & J.E BADDELEY & S
3488897-A3 Professional Legal Services $177,431.41Department of Defence 2018-02-22 ASHURST AUSTRALIA
3541576 2018 Study Assist Advertising in TAC Guides $10,980.20Department of Education and Training 2018-06-27 UNIVERSAL MCCANN
3540857 Provision of Legal Services $30,780.00Department of Health 2018-09-11 Maddocks