Contract Dashboard

3476911 Profession Project Support Services $1,081,080.02Department of Defence 2017-11-29 KELLOGG BROWN & ROOT PTY LTD
3476912 Communications Engineer $207,350.00Department of Defence 2017-12-15 AMW PROFESSIONAL SERVICES
3476915 Commercial Support Services $362,315.31Department of Defence 2016-11-18 NOVENTUS PTY LTD
3476921 Technical Services $111,384.00Department of Defence 2017-12-18 SME GATEWAY PTY LTD
3476926 Lease of Vehicle Diagnostic Systems $70,874.39Department of Defence 2017-08-11 MERCEDES-BENZ AUSTRALIA/PACIFIC
3476927 Laser Aiming Devices $531,643.25Department of Defence 2017-12-12 L-3 OCEANIA
3476930 Contractor Services - Software Development $269,770.99Department of Defence 2017-12-15 LEIDOS PTY LTD
3476956 Acquisition of Specialist Military Equipment $325,778.18Department of Defence 2017-12-14 EXPLOSIVE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT
3476957 Freight forwarding and shipping services $131,537.17Department of Defence 2017-12-19 REDCLIFFE INTERNATIONAL (SHIPPING)
3476962 Provision of Floating Bridge System $2,015,764.94Department of Defence 2017-12-21 GENERAL DYNAMICS EUROPEAN LAND