Contract Dashboard

3495738 Business Support Services $26,268.00Department of Human Services 2018-04-17 Dynatrace Asia-Pacific Pty Ltd
3495790 Agent Services $24,872.95Department of Human Services 2017-07-01 Wanarn Community Aboriginal Corp
3495794 IT software $866,075.23Department of Human Services 2018-03-09 VMware Australia Pty Ltd
3495795 Indigenous Mentor $70,125.00Department of Human Services 2018-03-07 Yerra Pty Ltd
3495798 IT Specialist Services $169,126.00Department of Human Services 2018-01-18 Message Stick Communications Pty Ltd
3481073-A1 Fixed price contract for PowerBuilder environment $21,912.00Department of Health 2018-01-22 White Pillar Pty Ltd
3497462 2018 APS employee census - Tier 2 Service delivery $25,500.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-02-19 AUSTRALIAN PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSIO
1601581-A6 Regional Processing Countries Health Services Contract $310,359,128.50Department of Home Affairs 2012-09-11 INTERNATIONAL HEALTH AND MEDICAL SERVICES PTY LTD
3496033 Lease of premises: Dog Detector Unit $43,675,409.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-01-15 Qanstruct Developments Aust Pty Ltd
3496124 Gym Equipment for Darwin Airport $20,102.50Department of Home Affairs 2018-02-20 BRIAN RABRIAN RANKIN UNIT TRUST