Contract Dashboard

3465167 Radio Mature Support $48,766.09Department of Defence 2017-10-11 RAYTHEON AUST PTY LTD
3465169 Modernised Submarine Communication System $135,930.57Department of Defence 2017-09-22 RAYTHEON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3465170 Spares $72,342.86Department of Defence 2017-10-17 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3465171 Management Cost and Services $81,251.11Department of Defence 2017-04-18 RAYTHEON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3465172 AIR WARFARE DESTROYER - ABTIA FEE COMPONENT $22,794,174.06Department of Defence 2017-10-24 RAYTHEON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3465175 In Service Support of the AIM-132 missile system $148,732.13Department of Defence 2017-08-02 MBDA UK LIMITED
3465176 Services to support the introduction into service of Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System $164,377.39Department of Defence 2017-10-23 RAYTHEON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3465177 ICT Maintenance Services $68,775.21Department of Defence 2014-11-28 MCR COMPUTER RESOURCES PTY LTD
3465178 Deliver Airborne Transponder/Interrogator System $12,974,017.58Department of Defence 2017-10-03 BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA LTD
3465179 Line rental and support $138,600.00Department of Defence 2016-07-07 TELSTRA DEFENCE TELESERVICE ACT