Contract Dashboard

3467740 govCMS SaaS Hosting Subscription Renewal $26,000.00Australian Building and Construction Commission 2017-12-01 Department of Finance
3467640 ICT Training $17,946.72Australian Bureau of Statistics 2017-10-19 International Quality & Productivity Centre Australia
3318954-A2 Purchase of Fuel data $49,517.64Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016-02-04 FUELtrac
3467569 Research Project: Nutrient Management for Diversified Cropping in Bangladesh (NUMAN $2,574,314.60Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2017-10-26 Murdoch University
2096001-A1 Minor Repairs and Maintenance $40,000.00Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 2014-03-09 Linchpin Maintenance
3467623 Superannuation Contributions $498,779.00Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) 2017-07-01 Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
3467551 ACCC investigation reimburse expenses and Workplace Dispute Review -2 reports. Servioces provided by senior sonsultant Suzanne Grocott. $26,576.55Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2017-10-25 Quality Management Solution (Julia Burns Consulting)
3466390 Postage of Postal Votes Packs for the New England by-election $19,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-11-13 Australian Postal Corporation
3419278-A1 2017 MS Premier Support $72,167.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-05-11 Microsoft Pty Ltd
3467813 Supply of lights and sirens $21,773.40Australian Federal Police 2017-11-08 Australian Mobile Radio Pty Ltd