Contract Dashboard

3516889 Provision of Managed Services for End User Experience Monitoring of ASIC Systems $699,175.40Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-06-01 REMASYS PTY LTD
3400880-A3 Labour Hire $409,305.60Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-01-21 Modis Staffing Pty Ltd
3466158-A2 Construction Services $633,832.32Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-09-08 Shaw Building Group Pty Ltd
3468953-A1 ICT Contractor Services $203,700.75Department of Parliamentary Services 2017-11-06 Qirx Pty Ltd
3476360-A1 ICT CONTRACTOR SERVICES $215,600.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2018-01-01 Talent International (ACT) P/L
3323539-A3 Temporary Personnel $789,247.80Department of Parliamentary Services 2016-04-01 Ajilon Pty Ltd
3517956 x9 Lenovo Notebook Forensics $24,755.50Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-06-18 ETHAN GROUP
3517972 Natural Language Processing Trial for Financial Advisors $107,250.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-06-19 PROMONTORY AUSTRALASIA (SYDNEY) PTY LTD
3518263 Additional Azure credits $79,415.34Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-06-20 DATA#3 LIMITED
3491425-A1 Staff Training $27,600.00Department of Parliamentary Services 2018-03-07 Assoc of Childrens Welfare Agencies