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2406351-A3 Provision of Chemical Analytical Testing for National Residue Survey Programs 1, 1-tulathromycin confirmation, 10, 23, combination 1/10/23, NARM Confirmatory, TART Confirmatory and 201 $2,305,916.02Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2014-07-01 Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
3316007-A6 Psychological Assessment Services $423,501.10Department of Defence 2016-01-05 PAUL SPENCER CONSULTING PTY LTD SPENCER TRUST
3325547-A16 QlikSense $5,023,972.02Department of Jobs and Small Business 2016-02-25 QLIKTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3331632-A2 Printing Ballot Paper - Senate (Victoria) $1,360,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2016-03-23 Finsbury Green Pty Ltd
3341068-A6 Support for Child Care Grant Funding Recipients $5,010,270.15Department of Education and Training 2016-05-02 PWC
3353939-A14 Cloud Services - GovZone $14,432,647.17Australian Taxation Office 2016-05-16 MACQUARIE TELECOM PTY LTD
3479939-A2 PWS Cloud Services $3,599,104.11Department of Finance 2018-01-08 Sliced Tech
3481640-A3 Cultural Appreciation Training $540,000.00Department of Health 2018-02-01 National Indigenous Training Employ
3487420-A2 First Principles Review Oversight Board Member $107,282.00Department of Defence 2018-02-16 LJADDISON CO PTY LTD
3498601-A9 Project management services to run a series of Proofs−of−Concept to inform the selection of technology components of the National Education Evidence Base program. $4,066,164.30Department of Education and Training 2018-03-28 CSC AUSTRALIA PTY LTD