Contract Dashboard

3620692 ICT Equipment and Services $756,393.91Australian Signals Directorate 2019-08-30 TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED
3620697 Electronic Handles $10,784.38Australian Signals Directorate 2019-08-12 SERVER RACKS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3621664 Network Patch Cables $16,134.80Australian Signals Directorate 2019-08-23 CCD NETWORKING PTY LTD
3621849 Executive Coaching $22,550.00Australian Signals Directorate 2019-08-19 STEPHEN MERCHANT CONSULTING
3620696 Antenna Evaluation $26,562.57Australian Signals Directorate 2019-08-14 BOEING DEFENCE AUSTRALIA LTD
3620822 Provision of legal services $85,000.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-08-09 GREENS LIST CLERKING SERVICES P/L ATF B&H UNIT TRUST
3620824 Renewal Licences & subscriptions $24,614.00Australian Taxation Office 2019-09-08 AGILE RISK MANAGEMENT LLC dba F-RESPONSE
3620821 AES19 International Evaluation Conference $15,599.98Australian Taxation Office 2019-09-15 AUSTRALASIAN EVALUATION SOCIETY INC
3577184-A1 Wollongong lift foyer project $229,236.37Australian Taxation Office 2019-03-06 ARROW PROJECTS PTY LTD
3620820 Provision of Legal Services $11,500.01Australian Taxation Office 2019-08-13 DAVID M JAY