Contract Dashboard

3343510-A1 Manager Future Capability $911,217.97Department of Defence 2016-05-09 YARRATEK PTY LTD
3442265-A1 Library Services - Cataloguing Sea Power Centre Aus $143,999.98Department of Defence 2017-07-03 HAYS SPECIALIST RECRUITMENT (AUSTRALIA) PTY LIMITED
3428407-A1 Lead consultant - RAAF Wagga $2,414,953.62Department of Defence 2017-05-24 JACOBS SKM
3523074 BASE SERVICES RE-TENDERING 2012 - REQUEST FOR TENDER $274,354.30Department of Defence 2018-06-25 AURECON AUSTRALASIA PTY LTD
2775272-A1 DL0219/2014 - Legal Services $45,436.05Department of Defence 2014-12-09 MILLS OAKLEY LAWYERS ETTS & D CURRY & D.E HARRISS & D HO
3442288-A1 DL0145/2017 - Legal Services $394,702.00Department of Defence 2017-06-28 MILLS OAKLEY LAWYERS ETTS & D CURRY & D.E HARRISS & D HO
3442415-A1 Legislative Drafting $150,000.00Department of Defence 2017-07-07 OFFICE OF PARLIAMENTARY COUNSEL
3442378-A1 International safehand Freight services $180,000.00Department of Defence 2016-07-01 DEPT OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS & TRADE
3523423 Relocation services FY 18/19 $26,400.00Department of Defence 2018-07-01 RELOCATION RULES
3523426 Short course provided for International training and education $51,975.00Department of Defence 2018-04-09 CHARLES STURT UNI -ACCOUNTS PAYABLE