Contract Dashboard

3496437 Collaborative Project Agreement $32,998.90Department of Defence 2018-03-25 ANU - FINANCE & BUSINESS SERVICES
3496438 Simulation Control System $46,157.81Department of Defence 2018-03-25 BUGEYE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
3496439 Partnership with Indigenous Students $29,953.00Department of Defence 2018-03-25 AURORA EDUCATION FOUNDATION
3496440 Research Agreement $57,325.40Department of Defence 2018-03-25 RMIT UNIVERSITY
3495334 Financial Reports $38,500.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-03-08 FINITY CONSULTING PTY LIMITED
3495358 EBI-DVM upgrade $290,291.10Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-03-01 HONEYWELL LTD
3495052 Gartner Executive Programs $233,640.00Australian Skills Quality Authority 2018-03-01 Gartner Australia Pty Ltd
3495304 Panel Auditor Coordination $15,000.00Australian Skills Quality Authority 2018-03-26 Kerry Russell & Associates
3494390 Provision of IT Contractor Services $275,017.60Australian Taxation Office 2018-04-16 IGNITE SERVICES
3494391 Provision of IT Contractor Services $261,838.72Australian Taxation Office 2018-04-23 PEOPLEBANK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD