Contract Dashboard

3547156 IGADF Assistant $16,800.00Department of Defence 2018-07-02 KATHLEEN POWELL
3547152 modify weiss conditioners $21,956.00Department of Defence 2018-09-03 SIMULTECH AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3547154 Conference facility and services for Warrior Care in the 21st Century Symposium. $67,100.00Department of Defence 2018-09-05 PARKROYAL DARLING HARBOUR (DARLING HARBOUR) UNIT TRUST
3519358-A1 Marine fuel $723,760.00Department of Defence 2018-07-01 SEA SWIFT PTY LTD
3545958 Suspension Bands $138,958.53Department of Defence 2018-10-04 UNITED TEREX, INC.
3462598-A1 Expert Engagement Agreement to provide independent advisory services to CAF through Air Force Board $44,000.00Department of Defence 2017-07-28 JOHNSON ADVISORY SERVICES
3547278 SEK payments for LHD project. $15,111.74Department of Defence 2007-11-15 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE PTY LTD
3547305 Repair Vehicles $29,629.55Department of Defence 2018-10-18 TAE GAS TURBINES PTY LTD
3547323 Mobile Tactical Operations Centre $2,966,580.56Department of Defence 2018-10-19 AIR7000 P8 POSEIDON
3545982 Repair Vehicle $173,983.01Department of Defence 2018-09-25 TAE GAS TURBINES PTY LTD