Contract Dashboard

3404982-A2 Engineering Support $549,349.65Department of Defence 2017-02-02 FRAZER-NASH CONSULTANCY
2832282-A4 Provision of Electricity TAS $220,605.09Department of Defence 2015-01-23 ERM BUSINESS ENERGY
3434878-A2 Utilties Services $4,932,310.77Department of Defence 2017-06-15 QUEENSLAND URBAN UTILITIES AUTHORITY
3438128-A3 Maintenance Works $4,612,794.18Department of Defence 2017-06-20 CAREYMC PTY LTD
3442451-A1 Defence ACT Postage $57,000.00Department of Defence 2017-07-04 DHL EXPRESS AUSTRALIA
3472402-A1 Water Infrastructure Upgrade $331,013.76Department of Defence 2017-11-21 TIWI PARTNERS PTY LTD
3411989-A1 Strategic industry advice $67,599.99Department of Defence 2017-03-14 JOHNSON ADVISORY SERVICES
3523412 Membersip $10,890.00Department of Defence 2018-05-17 WHON PTY LTD
3523413 Sports Equipment $10,100.75Department of Defence 2018-04-01 PALADIN SPORTS TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3523416 MPE ISO OP APEC 18 ASSIST $29,479.68Department of Defence 2018-07-10 CUBIC DEFENCE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD