Contract Dashboard

3415289-A3 temporary personnel services $404,250.00Digital Transformation Agency 2017-03-01 Bluefin Resources
3530908 Video Conferencing Upgrade for Canberra Office $568,134.55Digital Transformation Agency 2018-05-22 Rutledge
3530914 Digitisation of Official Files Project $67,872.00Federal Court of Australia 2018-06-21 Iron Mountain Pty Ltd
3530614 Workshops $16,588.00Future Fund Management Agency 2018-08-02 Kiandra IT Pty Ltd
3530619 Software Licenses $125,528.70Future Fund Management Agency 2018-08-06 Data #3 Limited
3530879 Risk Management System $228,132.30Future Fund Management Agency 2018-08-18 Protecht.ERM Pty Ltd
2858742-A8 ICT Infrastructure support $13,068,854.50Future Fund Management Agency 2015-02-01 ASG Group Ltd
3531372 ICT Professional Services $424,735.30Future Fund Management Agency 2018-06-08 ASG Group Ltd
3476487-A2 DIR ICT Services Panel $572,220.00Department of Home Affairs 2017-12-12 SOUTHERN CROSS COMPUTING PTY LIMITE
3476676-A2 Project and Program Management Support $2,597,915.11Department of Health 2017-12-20 PROTIVITI PTY LIMITED