Contract Dashboard

3502617 Animated video for binary options campaign. $34,100.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-04-18 JUMBLA PTY LTD
3502618 JADE Judgements and Decisions online 2018-2019 $11,550.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-04-20 BARNETWORK PTY LTD
3502813 CEB Licence Agreement - 3 years $77,999.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-04-30 SHL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3502828 Services Procurement $22,500.00Australian Securities and Investments Commission 2018-04-30 EJ2 COMMUNICATIONS INC
3506288 Providing Engineering Services $1,227,983.58Department of Defence 2017-09-16 THALES AUSTRALIA - BENDIGO
3506319 Framework for identifying & communicating root causes of Project schedule slippage $134,972.00Department of Defence 2018-05-16 REDBAY CONSULTING
3388084-A2 Military Equipment Repairs $262,731.30Department of Defence 2016-11-03 THALES AUSTRALIA
3506483 Spare Parts Military Vehicles $11,164.89Department of Defence 2018-05-02 LAND ROVER AUSTRALIA
3506484 Forming Machine Sheet $91,165.80Department of Defence 2018-05-02 ENKOSI PTY LTD
3506485 Setscrew $14,258.24Department of Defence 2018-04-10 ROLLS ROYCE AUSTRALIA SERVICES P