Contract Dashboard

2728211-A1 Property lease (Papua New Guinea) $279,746.02Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2014-11-17 TSIRIN MOTORS
3489808 Labour Hire $37,601.85Department of Health 2018-04-02 CHEMSKILL
3489809 Steam Steriliser Performance Qualification $40,295.20Department of Health 2018-03-09 A E Atherton & Sons Proprietary Lim
3489810 Printing Services $15,015.00Department of Health 2018-03-07 PROMINENT PRESS PTY LTD
3489814 Business Analyst $97,680.00Department of Health 2018-03-13 SOUTHERN CROSS COMPUTING PTY
3489815 Software $230,335.82Department of Health 2018-04-01 EXCELERATED CONSULTING
3441592-A4 Labour hire $9,392,262.41Department of Health 2017-07-03 APIS Group Pty Limited
3489303 Labour Hire $64,463.92Department of Health 2018-03-05 ON Q RECRUITMENT PTY LTD
3489335 Software $39,576.67Department of Health 2018-04-01 QAS Pty Ltd
3489336 Health Technology Assessment Contractor $74,800.00Department of Health 2018-03-01 Patricia Whyte