Contract Dashboard

3477769 swab holder section cleaning $42,790.00Department of Defence 2017-12-18 NIOA NOMINEES PTY LIMITED ATF B
3477770 Tyre Pneumatic Vehicular $73,841.79Department of Defence 2017-12-15 CFC HOLDINGS PTY LTD
3477771 Fleet Spares $26,889.98Department of Defence 2017-12-19 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3477772 Fire Fighting Equipment $11,352.50Department of Defence 2017-12-15 ROSENBAUER AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3477773 Chainsaw Spares $10,384.56Department of Defence 2017-12-14 HUSQVARNA PTY LTD
209761-A35 Managed Network Services Contract includes Telephony, Data, Video Conferencing and Contact Centre activities. $743,300,751.12Australian Taxation Office 2009-06-16 Optus Networks Pty Ltd
3317563-A2 Provision of IT Contractor Services $980,693.95Australian Taxation Office 2016-01-16 TALENT INTERNATIONAL
3315468-A9 Super Reform 2016. $50,361,949.66Australian Taxation Office 2016-01-04 ACCENTURE AUSTRALIA HOLDINGS P/L
3478723 Construction of the Treloar E Large Technology Objects Store $11,971,950.10Australian War Memorial 2017-12-15 Colin Joss & Co. Pty Ltd
3478735 For the provision of cafe and functions management services. $1,500,000.00Australian War Memorial 2018-01-29 Trippas White Catering Pty Ltd