Contract Dashboard

3484121-A1 Postage for Postal Votes - Batman By election $15,454.71Australian Electoral Commission 2018-02-13 Australian Postal Corporation
3500303-A1 Supply of protective equipment $18,882.60Australian Federal Police 2018-04-20 Zangold Pty Ltd T/as Explosive
3495580-A1 Supply of software $79,382.26Australian Federal Police 2018-04-01 Sciometrics LLC
3504061 Provison of induction training $14,300.00Australian Federal Police 2018-05-09 JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialis
3504062 Provision of maintenance service $10,945.00Australian Federal Police 2018-05-09 IQX Business Solutions Pty Limted
3504063 Provision of copyright licencing $15,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-05-10 Audio-Visual Copyright Society Limi
3504065 Supply of blast blankets $251,768.00Australian Federal Police 2018-05-07 Zangold Pty Ltd T/as Explosive
3504068 Provision of legal services $23,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-05-04 Luke Livingston
3504070 Provision of annual software licence renewal $10,480.25Australian Federal Police 2017-05-20 C M S Software House Pty Ltd
3504072 Provision of conference services - estimated spend $43,810.00Australian Federal Police 2018-04-24 Compass Group (Australia) Pty Ltd