Contract Dashboard

3503785 John Gorton Building environmental investigation $12,301.30Department of Finance 2018-04-16 Prensa Pty Ltd
3503787 Planex Security Containers $11,697.40Department of Finance 2018-02-19 Planex Sales Pty Ltd
3241712-A1 Records Storage $210,545.39Department of Finance 2014-01-01 National Archives of Australia
3505133 Education and Training Services $10,890.00Department of Defence 2018-04-13 WHON PTY LTD
3505137 204-P070 Project Management Team compound fencing $13,900.00Department of Defence 2018-05-02 BUZZY'S ENTERPRISES
3505139 Scientific Equipment $21,862.50Department of Defence 2018-05-02 PATHTECH PTY LTD
3505142 Scientific Equipment $14,654.20Department of Defence 2018-05-02 LABGEAR AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3505143 Personnel Vetting training delivery $62,032.50Department of Defence 2018-04-23 CIT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3505144 204-P074 Project Management Team compound power supply $12,100.00Department of Defence 2018-05-02 COWELL ELECTRIC
3505145 Configuration of communications equipment $10,094.21Department of Defence 2018-05-02 BLACK CAT SYSTEMS PTY LTD