Contract Dashboard

3468359 Project Management $28,267.80Department of Defence 2017-10-10 AUGILITY
3468360 Building Services $29,211.38Department of Defence 2017-11-06 ZANCOTT KNIGHT FACILITIES MANAGEMEN
3468361 Project Management and Design $19,732.91Department of Defence 2017-11-09 AUGILITY
3468362 Project Management and Design $44,627.01Department of Defence 2017-11-06 AUGILITY
3468345 Security Building Works $61,017.00Department of Defence 2017-11-06 MYKRA BUILDING SERVICES
3468348 Project design review $180,970.94Department of Defence 2017-11-13 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA
3468349 End User Computing Desktop Devices $1,777,398.90Department of Defence 2016-09-23 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3468355 Project Management $16,325.10Department of Defence 2017-11-06 AUGILITY
3468364 Psychological Assessment Services $22,000.00Department of Defence 2017-08-31 MONICA SKJERVE
3468374 Marine fuel $55,062.74Department of Defence 2017-11-02 BP MARINE