Contract Dashboard

3460788 Supply of computer equipment $57,516.80Australian Federal Police 2016-01-18 Datacom Systems (AU) Pty Ltd
3460794 Supply of ballistic vests $393,795.60Australian Federal Police 2016-03-07 P. & B. Bulte (No 2) Pty Ltd
3461201 Supply of computer servers $312,826.80Australian Federal Police 2017-09-18 Dell Australia Pty Limited
3461203 Supply of office furniture $38,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-09-06 Zenith Interiors Pty Ltd
3461206 Provision of design services $239,460.00Australian Federal Police 2017-10-06 The Trustee for Thinkplace Unit Tru
3461210 Provision of professional services $189,200.00Australian Federal Police 2017-10-15 Gravity Consulting Services Pty Ltd
3461211 Provision of training delivery services $41,140.00Australian Federal Police 2017-10-12 CIT Solutions Pty Limited
3365141-A4 Provision of project management services $3,680,724.03Australian Federal Police 2016-07-01 Xact Project Consultants Pty Ltd
3419282-A1 Provision of analysis services $79,695.00Australian Federal Police 2017-04-03 Epi-Use Australia Pty Limited
3463295 System Security Assessment $46,200.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2017-10-19 Ionize Pty Ltd