Contract Dashboard

3521034 Booth rental: China International Import Exhibition $62,786.00Austrade 2018-11-05 National Exhibition and Convention Centre (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
3521036 Motor vehicles $47,518.00Austrade 2018-06-14 Bejing Liantongdingsheng sales service co. ltd
3520935 E-learning module $12,100.00Attorney-General's Department 2017-06-30 ITC Australasia Pty Ltd
3520937 Extradition services $15,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-06-26 A.J. Dever Pty Ltd
3520938 Training - China Reciprocal Program 2018 $20,350.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-09-01 Australian & New Zealand School
3520939 Hire of artwork $25,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-07-01 Artbank
3520940 Cyber Resilience Program $100,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-06-25 Global Cyber Alliance, Inc.
3520805 Training Program $40,044.99Australian Building and Construction Commission 2018-06-13 Centre for Public Management
3521110 Provision of consultancy services $15,057.88Australian Federal Police 2018-07-03 JTA Health Safety & Noise Specialis
3521111 Provision of electrical services $11,931.11Australian Federal Police 2018-07-02 GLS Electrical Contractors Pty Ltd