Contract Dashboard

3519041 Provision of training services $20,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-06-19 Esri Australia Pty Ltd
3519042 Provision of legal services $75,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-06-28 HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
3519043 Supply of thermal cameras $23,100.00Australian Federal Police 2018-06-20 Night Vision Australia Pty. Limited
3519045 Supply of computer and accessories $11,750.35Australian Federal Police 2018-06-20 Integrators Australia Pty Ltd
3519047 Supply of modems $21,963.15Australian Federal Police 2018-06-25 TEKDIS
3519048 Supply of camera accessories $50,565.63Australian Federal Police 2018-06-22 Trustee for the Jamieson Family Tru
3519049 Supply of cameras $15,195.40Australian Federal Police 2018-06-22 Conceptual Technology Solutions Pty
3519050 Provision of filiming service $37,595.25Australian Federal Police 2018-06-25 Common Ventures Pty Ltd
3519051 Supply of components for information technology $33,577.50Australian Federal Police 2018-06-25 Conceptual Technology Solutions Pty
1317061-A4 Provision of Online Testing and Related Services $2,064,195.10Australian Federal Police 2013-03-25 Onetest Pty Ltd