Contract Dashboard

3543945 Hardware $29,853.78Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission 2018-09-20 Amnesium Pty Ltd
3544009 Office Workstations and equipment $268,273.50Australian Digital Health Agency 2018-08-27 Australian Workstation Manufacturer
3498948-A6 Provision of legal services - Consultancy $334,961.91Australian Federal Police 2017-06-29 Ashurst Australia
3543965 Provision of project management services $20,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-10-04 Nous Group Pty. Ltd.
3516006-A1 Provision of legal services - Non consul $58,139.40Australian Federal Police 2018-06-20 DR Bedford & Others T/As
3543968 Provision of legal services $19,999.99Australian Federal Police 2018-10-02 Australian Government Solicitor
3543973 Provision of uniform destruction services $16,979.38Australian Federal Police 2018-10-03 SHRED-X PTY LTD
3543974 Provision of legal services $55,499.99Australian Federal Police 2018-07-26 Australian Government Solicitor
3543975 Provision of legal services $10,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-07-04 Australian Government Solicitor
3543976 Supply of fume cabinets $55,418.00Australian Federal Police 2018-08-28 Dynaflow Pty Ltd