Contract Dashboard

3535875 ASEAN-Australia Supplementary Activities. $27,285.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-22 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR
3535879 Payment of payroll costs $14,708.40Department of Home Affairs 2018-04-16 ATTORNEY GENERALS DEPARTMENT
3535880 Daniels Health P/L to provide secure destruction $100,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-12 DANIELS HEALTH SERVICES PTY LTD
3535881 Facilitator services $11,896.54Department of Home Affairs 2018-07-26 EVOLVING HUMAN POTENTIAL PTY LTD
3535883 Provision of Legal Services $20,358.36Department of Home Affairs 2018-05-01 KELLEDY JONES PTY LTD
3535884 RedHat - EnterpriseLinux SWL $114,820.20Department of Home Affairs 2018-08-21 RED HAT ASIA-PACIFIC PTY. LTD.
3535886 Provide secure destruction services $200,000.00Department of Home Affairs 2018-06-12 SITA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3535012 RADIOS AND MANDOWN ALARMS $164,394.40Department of Defence 2017-05-01 CSE CROSSCOM PTY LTD
3535019 MAJOR OFFICE MACHINES (MOMS) PANEL $275,000.00Department of Defence 2018-07-01 RICOH
3535023 IT SERVICES PANEL $38,188.70Department of Defence 2018-07-20 ELECTROBOARD SOLUTIONS PTY LTD