Contract Dashboard

3461170 Structural Remediation $323,981.90Department of Defence 2017-07-11 MYKRA BUILDING SERVICES
3461250 Contract Negotiations $14,850.00Department of Defence 2017-09-21 SCOTWORK NEGOTIATING SKILLS
3461251 Banner and Colour repairs $16,500.00Department of Defence 2017-10-03 SPEAR OF FAME PTY LTD
3461252 Hire of earth moving equipment $15,876.33Department of Defence 2017-06-30 COATES HIRE OPERATIONS PTY LIMITED
3461254 Medical Consumables $29,700.00Department of Defence 2017-10-16 ANSPEC PTY LTD
3461260 Technical Intergration $79,860.00Department of Defence 2017-09-11 JPG PARTNERS PTY LTD
3461265 Procurement of Vehicles $63,280.88Department of Defence 2017-10-13 SGFLEET
3461271 Strategic Business Support $1,514,435.71Department of Defence 2017-10-03 DELOITTE CONSULTING PTY LTD
3461276 Tower Painting $20,344.46Department of Defence 2017-09-18 RAYTHEON AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3461277 Aircraft in service support contract $19,863.44Department of Defence 2017-09-12 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD