Contract Dashboard

3497112 Dell Desktops - Optiplex 7050 $91,481.90Department of Jobs and Small Business 2018-03-29 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3495438 Carbon Market Institute Summit 2018 $16,500.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-03-28 Carbon Market Institute Ltd
3495439 PROVISION OF BUILDING WORKS $93,536.30Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-03-15 BLUERIDGE ENGINEERING PTY LTD
3495440 Provision of Consultancy Services $10,461.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-03-29 Forcefield Services Pty Ltd
3495441 Black Bream Recruitment Study 2017-18 $21,932.90Department of the Environment and Energy 2017-03-19 T/A SARDI
3495442 Ecology Technical Review $79,200.00Department of the Environment and Energy 2018-03-09 Andrew Boulton
3494332 Independent Audit Committee Member $20,625.00Department of the Senate 2018-03-01 Storm IT (Payroll) Pty Ltd
3423356-A1 185Management Advisory Services $185,000.00Department of the Treasury 2017-05-12 Timothy James Sydney Hicks
3495205 Venue Hire for Workshop and meeting $12,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2018-03-05 MANTRA ON NORTHBOURNE
3495218 Strategic advice $60,000.00Department of Veterans' Affairs 2017-08-01 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT ACTUARY