Contract Dashboard

3503668 Provision of Management Advisory Services (South Asia) $120,883.40Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2018-03-23 PARTNERING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING
3503818-A1 Provision of Business Administration Services (Australia) $41,052.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2018-05-04 JOANNA HALL
3504154 Software Licenses $25,716.71Department of Health 2018-05-08 IBM Australia Ltd
3504159 Block and Stack - 2018 $16,871.25Department of Health 2018-05-11 Blue Lion Moving Service Pty Ltd
3504162 Office Furniture - Trial Space $94,633.00Department of Health 2018-05-09 Zenith FG
3504165 Software $15,841.10Department of Health 2018-05-09 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3504168 Software Renewal $47,588.28Department of Health 2018-05-17 REED INTERNATIONAL BOOKS AUSTRALIA
3504169 National Continous Quality Improvement Framework $144,689.00Department of Health 2018-05-04 National Aboriginal Community Contr
3504170 Digital Strategy $142,670.00Department of Health 2018-04-27 AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE
3502682 Consumer research and testing $68,060.00Department of Health 2018-05-03 The Trustee for Thinkplace Unit Tru