Contract Dashboard

3540932 Course Indicator $22,097.46Department of Defence 2017-12-19 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE
3540933 Drive End Assembly $23,834.80Department of Defence 2017-08-09 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA DEFENCE P*
3540934 Microphone Dynamic $26,189.00Department of Defence 2018-09-07 THALES AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3540935 Repairs to material handling machinery and equipment $13,783.60Department of Defence 2018-09-07 NTP PTY LTD
3540936 Pump parts $61,609.93Department of Defence 2018-09-07 NAVANTIA S A
3540937 Purchase of sheet metal $23,320.14Department of Defence 2018-09-07 ONE STEEL TRADING PTY LTD
3540938 Repair of air conditioners $11,194.55Department of Defence 2018-09-06 KNORR- BREMSE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3540940 Repair of watercraft $18,725.60Department of Defence 2018-09-07 ZF AUSTRALIA PACIFIC PTY LTD
3540941 Measuring and observing and testing equipment $60,282.20Department of Defence 2018-09-07 AFL TELECOMMUNICATIONS AUSTRALIA
3540942 Parts for communication equipment. $15,785.00Department of Defence 2018-09-06 CLARK MASTS ASIA PACIFIC PTY LTD