Contract Dashboard

3501219 Provision of training workshops $12,485.00Department of Defence 2018-05-10 THE GALLUP ORGANIZATION PTY LTD
3501220 Site Auditor Services at Holsworthy Barracks $300,000.00Department of Defence 2018-04-17 IAN SWANE & ASSOCIATES PTY LTD
3501221 Communications Equipment $17,924.43Department of Defence 2018-03-28 DIMENSION DATA AUSTRALIA PTY
3501222 Communications Equipment $255,288.00Department of Defence 2018-03-28 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3501223 Communications Equipment $77,433.00Department of Defence 2018-04-17 CARBIL COMPUTERS
3501225 Use of external Camera Man Instructor for free-fal l parachuting $18,040.00Department of Defence 2018-04-03 MR SHANE SPARKES
3501226 Network Equipment $19,352.82Department of Defence 2018-04-17 DIMENSION DATA AUSTRALIA PTY
3501228 Marine fuel $72,586.80Department of Defence 2018-04-24 NT PORT AND MARINE PTY LTD
3501229 NDI Test Equipment $111,736.90Department of Defence 2018-04-17 KRAUTKRAMER AUST PTY LTD
3501230 Extended Warranty for Storage Unit $12,453.19Department of Defence 2018-04-17 CRAY INC.