Contract Dashboard

3530177 China Mining Booth Builld 2018 $85,327.00Geoscience Australia 2018-07-23 The DISPLAY BUILDERS AUSTRALASIA PTY LIMITED
3530601 Audit services in relation to WH&S accreditation $11,472.82Department of Jobs and Small Business 2018-07-03 Total Safety Services
3530187 EBSCO Discovery Service $16,300.75Geoscience Australia 2018-07-01 EBSCO International INC T/A EBSCO Australia
3528878 IPFA 2017-18 Annual Report production $20,365.00Infrastructure and Project Financing Agency 2018-08-01 Boheem Design Pty Limited
3529665 Financial services $76,230.00Department of Social Services 2018-08-08 Callida Consulting
3530740 Corporate objectives services $50,504.47Department of Social Services 2018-08-08 RMIT PUBLISHING
2993132-A1 Assessment and evaluation services $4,661,166.73Department of Social Services 2015-03-27 Partners 4 Health Ltd
2561381-A2 ICT services $1,889,668.00Department of Social Services 2014-09-11 Janala Pty Ltd t/as Cope Sensitive Freight
3528570-A1 Legal services $90,750.00Department of Social Services 2018-08-06 DFC Legal Pty Ltd
3530466 ICT contractors $121,968.00Department of Social Services 2018-08-27 Modis Staffing Pty Ltd